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Company Profile

Nigeria suffers from a bad reputation as the home of internet scammers and a nation of hopeless corruption. As a result, honest businessmen from Nigeria struggle to access the education and credit they need. Help us change that.


We have a mission to provide  business skills training and interest-free microfinance to dedicated entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Helping Hands Microfinance Inc.


Founded: 2007

Directors: Charles & Dennis Goossen


Areas of expertise: 
Animal husbandry, business skills

Poultry Co-operative in Edo State
We have assisted in organization a poultry co-operative in the Fugar area in Edo State, Nigeria. In addition to providing extensive training in poultry farming, we have provided business skills and bookkeeping workshops. We have also provided interest-free financing for the construction of barns as well as for ongoing operating funds.

Bookkeeping and Business Skills Workshops
We travel to numerous small villages across Nigeria, giving much-needed training in business skills, such as record-keeping, costing, budgeting, managing credit, etc.

Helping Hands Microfinance

Participants in our workshops are eligible to apply for interest-free microfinance loans. These applications are subject to scrutiny by the local business group and are guaranteed by at least two arms-length individuals before approval.