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Affordable credit is very difficult to obtain in Nigeria. We are offering interest-free microfinance loans with the assistance of pre-established business groups on the ground in Nigeria.

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Helping Hands Microfinance is assisting in the organization and operation of small but successful poultry operations in Nigeria. Our ultimate goal is to portray Christ's love.

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It is important to us to be clear and transparent about what we do: This list details a majority of our recent initiatives that we need your participation in.


The Lives We Impact

  • Assisted in organizing a poultry co-operative
  • Provided interest-free financing for co-operative
  • Providing ongoing oversight and assistance with poultry co-operative
  • Providing bookkeeping and business skills workshops in various villages
  • Providing interest-free loans to workshop participants

Loans paid off:

Elijah Adegbe, Ekiti State, beekeeping

Joy Abu, Osun State, retail store

Godwin Odiali, Edo State, furniture manufacturing

Paul Adelebe, Edo State, broiler farm

Anthony Idanwekhai, Edo State, taxi shuttle service

Charles Ebere, Abia State, poultry farm

Olusegun Atoye, Ekiti State, beekeeping

Current loans:

Mennonite Brethren Charity Organization, Edo State, operating funds from poultry co-operative

Sunday Imhonegamhe, Edo State, hog farm
Taiwo Folorunso, Osun State, cement resale business